(Rapid Extraction System)



전자동 샘플처리장치인 RES는 모든 종류의 샘플을 매우 간편하게 전처리하는 장치로서 누구나 쉽게, 그리고 정확하게 샘플을 전처리 할 수가 있습니다.
특히 함량균일성시험 같은 샘플 그대로를 여러개 처리할때에 매우 편리합니다.


* Improved quality control
* Increased productivity
* Process control
* Reproducible processes
* Improved health & safety
* Global process standardization

Key features

* Fully automated sample-in to extract-out
* Easy sample loading and tracking
* In-process gravimetric control
* Intuitive user software
* 21 CFR Part 11 compliant
* Comprehensive data logging & reporting

Ease of Use

The RES is very intuitive and easy to use. The minimal training requirement and low user touch-time leads to fast setup and operation, increased productivity, and reduced errors.

Step one:
Load sample into FlowCell

Step two:
Load FlowCell into puck

Step three:
Scan barcode & input data

Step four:
Load puck onto carousel

Step five:
Process sample

Step six:
Result out

RES Technology

The selected extraction eluent is dispensed to ASTM Class A dispensing accuracy, with gravimetric verification of solvent arrival. The extraction eluent is then circulated around the closed loop system, the turbulent flow quickly extracting the sample contained within the FlowCell. An aliquot of solute is filtered and dispensed into a septa-sealed 22 mL primary vial. If required, the filtrate is then automatically diluted to ASTM Class A dispensing accuracy, to achieve the required concentration from 1:1 to 1:400 dilution range. After mixing to achieve homogeneity, a volume can be automatically dispensed into a septa-sealed 2 mL HPLC vial, or directly injected into your analyser.


Normal Release Tablet Demonstration

Prolonged Release Tablet Demonstration